Analyzing the 2021 Hall of Fame class: Introduction

As we wait for the hot stove to really get cooking, I thought it would be a good time to join the legion of baseball blogs in analyzing the 2021 Hall of Fame ballot. I know, I know – the world does not need another one of these articles. But I’m three days into my seven week winter break and the beige confines of my apartment are already driving me crazy, so I’m hoping that Shane Victorino stats will keep me anchored to reality for a bit longer.

There aren’t any slam-dunk newcomers on the ballot this year, which means most people’s attention will be on the same controversial names we’ve been watching for the past decade. The steroid issue is messy (and Curt Schilling’s antics might be even messier), and today isn’t the day for me to get into it.

Instead, I’m going to start by taking a look at the bottom of the ballot. These are the guys who have no shot whatsoever at Cooperstown. For some of them, even the oft-cited “Hall of Very Good” might be a stretch.

Still, just making it onto this list is a real achievement, and I’d like to give these players some recognition rather than just debate Bonds and Clemens for the millionth time. So without further ado, here are some thoughts on the worst of the best.

LaTroy Hawkins

Michael Cuddyer

Nick Swisher

A.J. Burnett

Shane Victorino

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